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Nothing brings students together like working on the same project. That’s why we make codeathons as social and creative as possible - code is just one part of what’s practiced, along with art, music, design, and so on. And if someone’s a beginner, then no problem! Our workshops and mentors gladly help them along the way.


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Clubs give students a more intimate community to code with, bringing together schools. They meet more often than events and so have a more informal atmosphere.

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But why?

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Our city has a problem - many young people are hesitant to approach coding. And it’s not because they aren’t “the right type of person”, but because they were never told they could do it and have fun at the same time.


Traditional school classes often treat coding like a pedantic subject that requires memorization and standardized testing. This is a bad approach because it fails to show students the joy and self-actualization that can come from the activity.

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We believe that the solution involves showing students a new side to coding, one that places a heavy emphasis on creativity and community. In essence, our programs encourage social, project-based learning -- this allows students to walk out with a feeling of accomplishment and confidence.

We believe that coding is for everyone

As a group of high school students ourselves, we genuinely believe that coding can be used as a force for good. All of us have used coding to empower ourselves and our communities, and we hope that someday you will too. If you have any questions, or just want to chat, feel free to reach out to us!